Sunday, July 02, 2023

Color it Red 2023

The photograph from San Miguel de Allende was once called Rough Rider for reasons you can readily discern. It became He and His Shadow when I applied the vaunted spot color technique which has brought me such wealth and fame.

This table top and stool after the rain is dubbed Chance of Showers. The image is also a victim of the dastardly spot color treatment. They lived in Telluride, Colorado and the red seat was once turquoise. Turquoise seemed a poor fit for Color it Red but I liked the design so this happened. 

As you’ve been told too many times I have a byline in the online photography magazine, Shadow and Light. It’s a bi-monthly publication that I've contributed to for five years and counting. Among the six issues editor and publisher Tim Anderson publishes two special issues meaning that my series Telling Stories appears four times a year. As a kind of game and to demonstrate gamut I've started submitting to the special juried issues like an ordinary Shmoo. If you know Shmoo, Li'l Abner, you're as old as I am. 

The special issues are Language of the Land and Color It Red. I secured a third-tier placement in the last Language of the Land and was proud to make the cut. The other work was stunning and honorable mention was about right. I just submitted to Color It Red 2023 which will publish on July 15. All digits crossed.

Roussillon, France was the ochre capitol of the world till that industry like tanning moved to North Africa. This crude weaving was dyed with ochre pigments from the cliffs that abut the village. I've called it Roussillon Rouge.

Candy Apple Red is Iggy Peralta's 1939 International pick-up in Ranchos de Taos, NM. It's still  Iggy's daily driver. 

Emblematic dwells in El Prado, NM. It's a portrait of lustrous reds and golds.

As to Shadow and Light, I encourage you to take a close look. It’s handsome journal that I’m proud to be part of. You can acquire six annual online issues for a princely ten bucks. You won't see a year of better photography than in Shadow and Light. Simply highlight and right click the link to go to the website.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Great minds, Esteban! The Color It Red competition was on both of our blog brains during the past month. Love the Rough Rider accentuated with the spot color red backdrop. It should never be printed as a straight black and white again. The weaving at Roussillon, France is well-lit and filled with dynamic color and texture, which makes every fiber pop. Fingers are crossed all around. Nice blog, Steve!