Sunday, July 30, 2023

Curating Three

Here is the final tranche of candidate images for Immel + Immel Side by Side, Peggy’s and my show that opens September 2 at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art in Taos. And like last week, the captions are the stories. Tell me what you really think.

Barely half a mile from Casa Immel is the historic Martinez Hacienda, the northern most Grand Hacienda in New Mexico which dates to 1803. On the this chilly morning all of the canales were resplendent with icicles dripping slowly against the January sky. It's Canales y Hielo, literally channels and ice.

I call this slender number Simplicity, simply because it is. This is a window on the north facing wall of Martinez Hall in Ranchos de Taos that 's across the street from historic Ranchos Church.

You'll recall this distinctive number from a post a few weeks back that included a batch of images that I submitted to Shadow and Light magazine's annual Color it Red issue. This one dubbed He and His Shadow and five others earned a mini-portfolio. My dear friend and wonderful photographer, Daryl Black, won a well-deserved full ten image spread. Her images were extraordinary.

And speaking of Ranchos Church, here's the iconic place of worship at last light. We'll call it Ranchos Glow.

Into the Clouds Two. This memorable shot was taken on one of the most memorable mornings of my long photographic life. As we ascended a shallow hill I pulled to the side of the road, got out of the car and photographed the tarmac as it appeared to enter the cloud. We were heading west toward the junction of the Rio Grande and the Rio Pueblo at a place called Taos Junction.

That's all folks.


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Blacks Crossing said...

Crunch time for your opening is coming so I appreciate your final tranche of images for the Immel² show at Wilder Nightingale, amidst the chaos. All are true winners but Canales y Hielo, Ranchos Glow, and Into the Clouds Two grabbed me this time, in addition to He and His Shadow, of course. Thanks for your kind nod. I look forward to hearing more about the show as the date approaches!