Sunday, March 17, 2024

ArtsThrive Accolades

Peggy and her Thursday night quickdraw. All of this in two hours.

The unframed wonder.
Peggy and fellow artist Michele Byrne frame Peggy's entries.

Rough Rider, Taos Tipis and Ruedas Turquezas

My little corner of the world.

Once again ArtsThrive was a feast for the cultivated eye. With 335 artworks from 135 artists the annual fundraiser for the Albuquerque Museum was a resounding success and Peggy and I were blessed to be part of it. After five years in Peggy’s case and two for me it was also an opportunity to reconnect with artist friends and collectors who attend every year. I can’t say enough about the handsomely mounted exhibition, the first class food and drink, the music and the professional stewardship provided by Albuquerque Museum Foundation president and CEO Andrew Rodgers, Director of Events Elaine Richardson and Event administrator Erik Parker. They are the very best.

The show is up through April 14. You should take a gander. It's the largest and finest juried exhibition in New Mexico.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Looking GOOD, Steve and Peggy! I cannot believe how quickly Peggy is able to do a painting, but then, as you know, taking a great photograph and developing it, can take as long or longer. Different processes and results. Congratulations on the Arts Thrive event! We hope to get down to Albuquerque to see it before the 14th.