Sunday, March 03, 2024

The Boxed Set Lives

The top of the clamshell box


Artist Statement

The ever lovely Butternut Squash

This is the first time I’ve tried to write two articles for Shadow and Light at the same time. It wasn’t planned that way, but I was torn between two subjects, El Camino Alto (The High Road) and Sketches of Winter Revisited. Then I remembered doing the latter several years ago. So, halfway through Sketches I pivoted to The High Road, as a fallback. I looked back at five years of bi-monthly articles, saw that the first Sketch of Winter was a meager two paragraphs and three images so it seems fair to follow up with something more expansive. And now I have El Camino Alto ‘in the can’ in cinema speak. I’ve got a second nearly finished story in my hot hands.

And after that bait and switch this post is unrelated to either one. I ended last week’s post with a mention of my Sketches Winter Boxed Set at the erstwhile Boxed Set Gallery in Santa Fe 15 years ago. I located the handsome sucker and here it is. Mint condition but for the white gallery gloves which would have added so much.

There are 16 8”x12” images on 16"x20" fine art paper in the clamshell box. The math says that they are $375 each for a total of $6,000. Even I’m impressed. The first $4,000 takes it. Shipping included. And I’ll throw in the missing gloves.

Boxed sets are an elegant and tactile way to appreciate cohesive portfolios. Alfred Stieglitz had it right a hundred years ago. 

I really like boxed sets.

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