Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bylines from Byways

In the next couple of months you’ll see more frequent entries and more pics.  Soon we’ll be ensconced in lovely Baudinard sur Verdon or on the backroads of France.  So just to prime the pump, here are images from the blue highways of northern New Mexico with pal Jeff Curto last weekend.  Jeff who is a nationally recognized photographer and teacher was a fount of knowledge, of course, and it was most intriguing to see how differently we each approached the same subject.  It’s been said that if you give five photographers the mission of duplicating a very specific set of shots you’ll get five very different sets of shots because we’re each wired uniquely. So true.

These are from tried and true locales; ones you’ve seen here before.  That’s because I was playing tour god, er guide, with Jeff and we were hitting Taos icons; in this case La Hacienda de los Martinez circa 1804.  
Th milky quality of image two is due to a Neutral Density Filter.  I was hoping to catch even more cloud blur with exposure times up to 30 seconds in bright sun.  Alas the sky was nearly still.

Next time travels with Daryl Black.

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Jeff said...

It was one of the nicest mornings of making photographs that I can remember. Breakfast at the Taos Inn afterwards was also pretty darn good.

You can see a couple of the things I shot that morning here:

Thanks for a great time in Taos!