Sunday, August 28, 2011

Railroad Buffs at Bibb Overall Convention

Two Thursdays ago I met my photographer friend at the junction of US 285 and 64 in dusty Tres Piedras.  TP, as we call it is, a bastion of off the gridders who favored habitation would appear to be an old school bus.  Daryl Black and her husband Fred built an energy efficient, architectural show piece in TP but are not of the former persuasion.  The Blacks are just hip to sustainability and a fairly pared down life style in which where’s plenty of adventure and luxury and no waste that I can see. They drive the speed limit to conserve gas for heaven's sake.

So, Daryl and I convened at about 7am in front of the now closed gas station and diner, shot a few frames and decided to head north on 285 toward Antonito, the terminus of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad.  There was no plan but to follow our instincts to wherever.  Whenever.

All the images are from the Cumbres and Toltec’s two railyards, the other being over the pass in Chama, New Mexico.  It’s the pass we drove to get to Chama ourselves and where we saw the second engine plowing up the west flank to get the train over the pass.  It's so steep it takes two coal burners to top out.


Daryl A. Black said...

Love the photographs but particularly the bottom shot of the wheel against the brick and wood building backdrop. It truly is wonderful to see the results of different photographers' views of the world or details therein. Great stuff! Thanks!

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