Sunday, August 07, 2011

Moon Over Ranchos

Every few months I’m bound to give you another taste of Ranchos Church, officially San Francisco de Asis.  This one happened just moments after the sun fell below the horizon behind me, bathing the church in a divine glow.  The magic light is cast so evenly over the adobe skin that it reveals every blemish and vein of the mud and straw. The soft shadows seem to caress the church's famous buttresses.


John Farnsworth said...

Good shot, Steve. Good words, too. Must admit, though, I'd like to see it in color, as well.

Thea said...

Stunning!! I am so hooked on your photography and you can never shoot the Ranchos church enough. That place has so much to offer. I love driving through and I love walking around there.

Ha! I see John also commented.

Steve Immel said...

Color, huh? I'll explore the archives to find the original shot. Color, of course.

Thanks kids.

0429mhs said...

Awesome photo! I love the faint shadow of the cross against the side of the church --it gives the message that here is a place of worship. I agree that Ranchos has a lot to offer in Photography!! You da best!

Steve Immel said...

Many thanks Marcia. How's tricks?

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