Sunday, October 27, 2013

Snake bit in paradise

The view from my classroom
My time in Guatemala has been fair to partly cloudy.  Yes, amigos, it rains in La Antigua. My life experience here has been mixed, too.  My homestay did not work out though my host family was muy simpatico.   My room was shabby, not clean and sin agua caliente.  And on top of it the practicing Spanish theory did not play out. It was limited to meals and, even then, minimal.  And in the evening I was alone in my cell while family members slouched on every horizontal surface in front of the televisor.  I  now am at mi escuela happily ensconced in a cheerful room with, glory of glories, hot water.  The sky parted and the earth shook.
I've survived a minor three day bout with the turistas and my main camera stopped "de pronto" on Saturday.  I'm feeling a tad snakebit. That's two out of last three big trips where Mr. Canon has bit the dust.

School is good in a measured sort of way.  Though I thought I had the past tense wired before I got here I'm just putting it to bed now.


Los Alamos Social Climbers said...

Beautiful photos .... hope the camera comes back online so we can see more. And really glad to hear you have finally found a source for agua caliente!

Steve Immel said...

Better yet those lovely folks at Canon Guatemala have fixed the camera and I'll get it tomorrow.