Sunday, May 17, 2015

Corral to Corral

It’s a good thing I called to check on the sheep. Andrew Abeyta told me he’d be moving the critters back to the Taos Plateau the very next day. That was April 30. So I rousted myself at dark o’clock and was nosing around Mogote by 8.

The first day of the walk back was one hell of a lot easier than January's slog through shin deep mud. Then of course I was driving this time. We got as far as a rickety corral in the village of San Antonio. I couldn’t be part of day two's  festivities due to pressing matters that shall go unexplained. That’s mostly because I don’t remember why I couldn’t continue. I do know Cuba is encamped on one of side or the other of US 285 near San Antonio Mountain as we speak. I just have to find the boy before June 16 when he heads for the high mountains.

The following show the gist of the day which began in a corral in Mogote and wound up in a corral in San Antonio. Write your own damn story.

You get the picture.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Stunning series! The sheep on the backside of San Antonio Peak, crossing the highway, drinking at the river, and grazing with thunderstorms on the horizon are particularly telling. Although we await your story, your readers, myself included, certainly can write our own damn story. Love it!

See you Friday evening at your Wilder Nightingale opening.