Sunday, May 24, 2015

Double Header

The Immel two for one sale Saturday night at Wilder Nightingale was quite the party. Big thanks to all that attended the Peggy and Steve duet aka "Monument." Thanks, too, for all the wonderful comments. We’re glad everyone enjoyed our inaugural two person exhibition.

While we had very different takes on the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument folks seemed to feel that Peggy’s paintings and my photographs coexisted quite effectively.

Thanks to my dear friend the photographer Daryl Black who was in attendance with her husband weaver Fred Black I have at least one photograph that shows a sliver of the festivities. This one is yours truly with the ever stylish Thea Swengel and her bon vivant painter spouse John Farnsworth. In the background looms the star of the evening, the immortal Victor “Cuba” Hernandez. Cuba was, as far as I could tell, “the most interesting man in the world” Saturday night.

Steve, Thea, John and Cuba just behind .

Cuba and Daddy

White Sage and Borregos

Winter Dance

Cuba and Perros
Thanks everybody.


Blacks Crossing said...

You are so right. Cuba was certainly "the most interesting man in the world" Saturday evening but there were some other fascinating people in attendance as well. I am delighted to see this double header of your work with Cuba, and adore the additional photographs featured in the exhibit.

Here's to you on Memorial Day. Thank you for your photography and your service to the good old U. S. of A.

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