Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother Roads

I'm fascinated by US Highway 285, the road that cuts a diagonal course across New Mexico from the Texas border to Colorado just south of Antonito. It's is on my endless list of photography projects though I haven’t explored for its own sake in several years. Many of the sheep herding images on the Taos Plateau were taken within a properly inflated football throw of 285, a connection I didn't make till yesterday morning.

Where 285 crosses I-40 east of Albuquerque lives an iconic truck stop called Cline’s Corners. I don’t know if that’s the name of an actual town or just the name of the business. I do know that it’s a picture post card of Eisenhower’s interstate highway system.  

Cline's Corners

Then a little farther south 285 enters the metropolis of Vaughn which like most rural New Mexico towns wouldn't exist were it not for the BNSF railroad.


More sheep will follow shortly. I followed the critters half way back to New Mexico on April 30 but haven't had initiative to wade through 1,000 images for the best half dozen. The one below was begging to be seen, however.

Penco lambs

If this doesn't make you a vegetarian there's no hope for you.


Blacks Crossing said...

Your lambs are wonderful! I look forward to more of their story. I spent the good portion of a year after watching the movie "Babe" not eating meat, particularly pork, so I get the lean toward a vegan lifestyle after seeing those sweet lambs.

I also look forward to future road trips on Highway 285, and the enticing, lonely, and wide wide spaces it bisects. Great shots, Steve!

Jim Rogers Photography said...

For me as a photographer, the Cline's Corner cut-off is the alert to get the Nikon accessible as there are countless shots ahead en-route to Santa Fe or Taos or other destinations to the north. Adios to some really dismal Texas territory as Amarillo shrinks to a memory in my rearview mirror. Great post, Steve. Your lamb shot makes me anxious to see other future posts capturing your trek through sheep country.

Steve Immel said...

Thanks kids. Monday's post promises to be a sheep country extravaganza.

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