Sunday, December 20, 2015

Introspective Retrospective

White Sage and Borregos, Taos Plateau

A couple of things happened. I was thinking of posting of the year’s more memorable images according to me. Then Rick Romancito the editor of the Taos News Tempo Magazine laid down the gauntlet for something called the Challenge on Nature Photography wherein the nominated photographer has to post a nature photograph and nominate a new photographer for seven consecutive days. I accepted the challenge and for my first act in office posted White Sage and Borregos which may be my favorite of 2015. That’s the first one in this post followed by its esteemed colleagues Four Year Drought Motif and Singular As A Snowflake.

The nature photography challenge coupled with the task of looking back at several thousand images to find the best photographs of 2015 was instructive and, I hope, worthwhile.

Four Year Drought Motif, California Central Valley

Singular As A Snowflake, San Simeon Beach

As luck would have it these three fall into both categories, nature and best as I see it. Patterns abound.


Blacks Crossing said...

This is a great sequence which fit Mr. Romancito's requirements to a tee. All three images are extraordinary in their own way. I have always loved the water/sea foam shot but found a softness and subtle variation in shades in the borrego and white sage photograph quite pleasing. The drought in the California orchards is stark and profound. An extremely well pondered and excellent grouping.

Steve Immel said...

It's only Sunday, Daryl. What's up?