Sunday, December 13, 2015

Still Seeing Red

An homage to Lenny Foster's Healing Hands series

Red has reared its pretty head and won’t go away. These images feature the color red in various incantations, some new and some seasoned veterans. I, too, am a well seasoned number but more of pinky beige.

My friend Marti Belcher, an extraordinary photographer, commented on my last post that red is her favorite color. Daryl Black, who has been victimized on these very pages, published red images on her Monday post. And there's an exhibition called “Color It Red” curated by yet another friend, Tim Anderson, who has red on the brain, too. It’s a veritable epidemic.

To the pantheon of red images I offer varying proportions of the passionate hue:

A spot of red on a Monhegan Island lobsterman's cottage

How much is that doggy in the window? San Miguel de Allende

Street art, Santa Fe Railyard

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Blacks Crossing said...

If we could only read minds. Your tribute to photographer Lenny Foster's healing hands is wonderful, but just that square of red in the Monhegan Island lobsterman's cottage is quite compelling. It just may be the contest ticket, Steve. Of course, the San Miguel de Allende shot is terrific. Red certainly brings us into the season. Thank you for bringing it to the fore with your Dixon blog, and the still life shots.