Sunday, December 06, 2015

Still More Still Life, The Red Issue

Continuing the still life theme here are a couple of items from my famed red motif. Note the tones of the apples and the harvest table. So very coordinated. As last week these come from the Dixon Studio Tour in November. Both table and fruit are courtesy of furniture maker Rob Stout whose lovely abode caresses the Rio Grande in bucolic Rinconada, NM.

Apples on a Rob Stout harvest table

How 'bout them apples

And a little something extra from the red school of thinking.

Candy Apple Red


Anonymous said...

Beautiful color! Love this set of images.

Blacks Crossing said...

You have two real winners here, Steve! So glad you are doing still life and red! The first image with the apples has that luscious, soft low light that punctuates so many of your best images. And the "Big Daddy Roth" candy apple red truck is a knockout! Great job!