Sunday, April 10, 2016

In the waning moments of World War Two, I was in my first year of kindergarten in Salinas, CA. That’s a turn of phrase I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard.  But rather than a case of sluggardly scholarship it was just that my single mom was a second grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary and they let me attend kindergarten as a four year-old. Those two rigorous years no doubt account for my stellar college career and numerous advanced degrees.

These photographs of downtown Salinas depict a withering city little changed from 70 years ago. They include the scene of my first movie at the Fox Theater, my first fresh strawberry pie from a café in nearby Alisal and is the place I learned how to hang a sweater from some high school kid in the neighborhood, the way I do it to this day. Some lessons really stick.

More importantly it was the place I had my first homemade flour tortilla rolled around melting butter, though I’m guessing it actually was margarine, wartime rationing considered.


Blacks Crossing said...

I do love these trips to the past that you create so beautifully through writing and photography. Your Roosevelt Elementary School has no doubt gone through some transitions. It looks pretty darned good. The low angle of the all the shots make the images bigger and much stronger in feel. And indeed, the first warm flour tortilla is an almost indescribable pleasure. There is nothing like one, even as we build them with olive oil, lathered in butter. Such an uncomplicated and comforting taste in the mouth.

What a wonderful blog, Steve! Good luck with the 4 Guys 2 Galleries show!

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