Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Cat with a Hat

My friend Lenny Foster, the estimable photographer and debonair man about town, had a birthday yesterday. These portraits from a couple of years back celebrate Lenny’s fifty some odd years on planet earth sharing his abundant talents and gentle spirit with everyone he meets.

The first two are the Lenny in our mind's eye. The other is a more severe and challenging version of his handsome self.

Feliz cumpleaƱos, Amigo


Daryl Black said...

You are one on-time dude! A Sunday edition of your blog.

Lenny Foster cuts quite the figure and this series of photographs captures what must be a very fun part of his nature. I particularly like the bottom black and white image. Just great!

Steve Immel said...

You, too. This may be our earliest comment ever. He is a heck of a guy. By the ways, I post on Sunday and it's scheduled to send an email at 3am on Monday. So, get up at 3:10 to get a real jump on your day.

Greg Moon said...

Lookin sharp...the work and the cat.

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