Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blondes Prefer Gentlemen

Renowned Taos painter Walt Gonske has one of the world’s great smiles. Seems to me it's especially radiant when he's being fawned over by a six-foot blonde named Ginny. She's playing the dude like a freaking double bass.They met precisely 9.58 seconds before this shot and connected so fast I needed a 2000th of a second shutter speed to stop the action. 

That’s his Praying Mantis Romeo on the flip side.


Blacks Crossing said...

You are, as Fred would say, one eloquent SOB this morning. Inspired? Obviously. Walt does have one of the great smiles, but it is matched by Ginny's grin and captured by you. Fun blog, Steve!

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Jenna said...

Maybe she likes him.

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Janet Webb said...

Hey Steve, I'm doing a BeyondTaos Art Calendar eblast about all the openings this weekend. The graphic will be a collage of artists faces. May I use your image of Walt Gonske? It sure captures his joy! Thanks, Janet Webb

Unknown said...

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Ginny Holloway said...

Hi Steve and Peggy, I love all your photos but this one is special to me. It brings back great memories. Ginny Holloway