Sunday, August 21, 2016

Face Time

The human face is an endless source of inspiration. The case can be made that absolutely every face deserves some facetime. So it’s a wonder that I don’t do more candid portraits. My photographer friends and I frequently talk about ways to extract more dinero from our photographic habits because trying to make money from so called “fine art” photography tilts with some serious windmills. Quixotic in a word. When pressed to say what commercial path I would take if so inclined I always answer "portraiture" since it draws me so.

From the trip that Steve Bundy, John Farnsworth and I made to the Mortenson Ranch for National Day of the Cowboy come these unposed headshots.

I'm something of  specialist as you can see. All of these folks are on the other side of young like me. And my apparent sub-specialty is white facial hair.


Susan McCullough said...

These are amazing Steve! Beautifully done!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Sue. Old people with beards are my cup of tea. S

Blacks Crossing said...

The miracle of web blogs and the internet is a dragon slayer for sure. I had posted to you this morning and it simply disappeared. Most likely something I did. But luckily, here is another opportunity to comment on your wonderful blog. The image of the woman on the horse with a sidearm in her belt is perfect in every way. I also love the shot of the dude (John?) with his grey hair in the wind and the world reflected in his sunglasses. We both know that white hair is a beautiful work of nature and the faces that accompany it are just as stunning! You were inspired by this shoot and I hope we continue to see more photographs from it soon. Your prose and musings about portraits, aging, and the Quixotic nature of actually making money from photography are spot on. Thanks, steve!

Steve Immel said...

Money? What's that?

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