Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Cowboy Way

Two dudes taking pictures of a dude taking a picture of two dudes. John on your left and Steve on the right.

At the Mortenson Ranch south of Santa Fe Steve Bundy, John Farnsworth and I convened for National Day of the Cowboy. I doubt that anybody had a shot list. I know I didn’t. I did have in the back of my mind to get some action shots or more precisely to stop some action with a fast shutter, a shallow depth of field, a fairly high ISO or some combination thereof. My results were decidedly mixed as even 2000th of a second didn’t always freeze the action. Still trying to figure that out.

The cowboy camp was held to benefit Listening Horse, an organization offering therapeutic riding for folks with a host of needs. There were three events including Barrel Racing, Mounted Shooting and Argentine Polo. Here in the above order are one of each.

Barrel Racing

Mounted shooting. Note fragments of balloon just left of the cone.

Argentine Polo. Follow the yellow ball.

Followed by some rope magic.

I actually learned how to do this in LA when I was about nine.
Next week head shots from the ranch.


Blacks Crossing said...

Love the action shots, Steve. The Argentine polo shot, roping, and barrel racing (that rider is not a spring chicken) are great. I did a rodeo shoot in Aztec one year when photographing a lawyer there for my book. It is tricky and challenging, not only because you are trying to catch the action, but because they are usually held in midday, when the light is about as startling as it gets. Looks like los tres amigos had a great shoot! Thanks for posting these. Hope to see more!

John Farnsworth said...

Head over to for some of the rest of the story!

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