Sunday, January 08, 2017

For your perusal as usual

Reflection in puddle, Los Angeles

Looking back at a year of images serves a purpose I suppose. You see what you saw in the year just ended and, objectively speaking, how you came up short and where you, on occasion, got one right. For the second and last time I’ve sorted through the year that was and have these eclectic numbers for your perusal.

Metropolitan Water Building, Los Angeles

San Cristobal and Sangre de Cristos

Andrew Abeyta and newborns

Generations, Denver

Time warp, Lowell, AZ

Silvery stream near Tucumcari

Gnome with ear horn, Bisbee, AZ

Luis at Llano San Juan

Pilings in surf, San Simeon Beach

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Blacks Crossing said...

I have always loved reviewing the year. Time moves so quickly and given non-stop communication, it is sometimes difficult to remember what outside one's personal realm happens in any given time period. So, here' to you, Steve, for reviewing 2016 in your photography world. As I commented last night, the puddle reflection in Los Angeles is a wonder, but Generations, Denver, and the silvery stream in Tucumcari are stunning. Nicely done, as usual. 2017 is going to be even better, given your upcoming photographic opportunities!