Sunday, January 15, 2017

Por Qué No

The photograph called Lonely Place came in second in the renowned Keeler, California photographic sweepstakes of 2006. This is my fallback post since I will be jet-lagged somewhere in Central America on the 15th and reeling from an excess of cerveza negra consumed at my pocket sized favorite corner bar. Por Qué No.

That proved to be wishful thinking as Por Que No was cerrado on domingo and I wound up at a British pub waiting an hour for a mediocre burger while quaffing dark beer and watching the Green Bay packers eke out a victory over the favored Dallas Cowboys with three seconds to go. One Brit, one Welsh rugby player cum sailor and one Utah Mormon later I'm posting this with only a modicum of interest. Yawn.


John Farnsworth said...

Rest up, Amigo, I'm on my way. Qcho o nueve dias. JJ

Blacks Crossing said...

I wondered where the heck you would be on this snowy day, Amigo. Glad you are there now, and with luck, recovering from jet lag and a few cervezas. I guess you decided not to accept the invitation to the presidential inauguration! Hah. Thanks for today's award winning posting. We look forward to hearing about your travels and seeing your images, opening up a new year and new avenues.

Steve Immel said...

Peggy is flying to the million (I hope) woman march Friday and returning Monday so one of us is carrying the banner.