Sunday, January 22, 2017

I am woman hear me roar

From Helen Reddy’s 1971 paean to feminism to the central park in Antigua, Guatemala the voices of a hundred or so women and not a few men were raised in solidarity and in hope and resistance of the virulent strain of intolerance, misogyny and xenophobia that has swept 43% of our country. To observe it was to be lifted by the joyful noise. Here are faces in a crowd of strong women the likes of which were heard in the millions around the globe.

Helen Reddy turned 75 years old in October.


Anonymous said...

Incredible world wide movement in support of human rights and women's rights. Thanks for photographing it in Guatemala.

Daryl Black said...

Agreed with the first comment. Thanks for photographing the movement there, Steve. It is great to know that it has spread to all corners of the globe from Fort Sumner, New Mexico, to Antigua, Guatemala! So much soul and energy shown in the images you shot!

Steve Immel said...

It is uplifting and a much needed tonic for our descent into a cruel new world of lied presented as truth.

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