Sunday, October 01, 2017

Treasures within Treasures

When visiting our magnificent national parks it’s hard not to settle for traditional landscape photographs of the epic kind. Certainly, Grand Canyon National Park north or south compels us to capture its vast beauty. Not frequently enough I will take the time, look more closely and discover a more intimate jewel like the Cliff Rose (or so I believe) depicted here. And, after all, I am a card carrying gnarly tree fan. That the Cliff Rose may be a shrub doesn't diminish the point being made. To wit, dig a little deeper. There's good stuff lurking beneath the obvious.

I've rendered this image high key to focus attention on the intricate subject. I've blown out the background so that nothing competes with the twisted Cowderia Mexicana. In the original capture the mesas beyond are visible.

Below is the image from which this came.

Nice comparison, what?


Terry T. said...

Yes indeed, a very interesting comparison. I do like what you've done in the BW version. It really is the stronger image and shows off the tree to its finest. Good job.

Blacks Crossing said...

You get two photographers in a room and there will be two different opinions, at least some of the time. Although Terry is absolutely right about the comparison, and I almost always love Steve's black and white treatment of everything, in this case, I think the color makes a statement that appeals to me. Regardless, Steve, I am glad you took this shot and used it in your blog!

Steve Immel said...

Interesting, indeed. I admit I'm torn between the two. Initially I preferred the black and white but then when I saw them together it became a toss up.