Sunday, March 29, 2020

Furious Sky

This week has been about the Taos sky. Each image tries to capture the magic of brooding moisture laden clouds juxtaposed against bare trees and the occasional manmade element. A photographer friend, a member of my geezer club, has been lamenting the lack of sunshine and that he's not motivated to photograph at all under these conditions. Au contraire I replied.

"Jesus, Cris. The dreary sky is treasure as far as I'm concerned. Give me dank and cloudy every time."

The drizzly late winter, or is it early spring?, sky over the last couple of weeks has led to something that resembles a series. The infinite fodder for this kind of work, I proffered to Daryl Black, a close photographer friend, could keep a person occupied for a very long time. As in forever.


Terry T. said...

There is no magic or wonder in an empty blue sky.

Steve Immel said...

I completely agree though I am a fan of cumulus clouds in a deep blue sky. And a #25 red filter in the old film days ala Ansel.

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