Sunday, June 26, 2022

Seco Loop

El Rancho Grande

When I begin a local photo jaunt, I look for the best clouds and head toward them.  I’m searching for the most dramatic sky and something in the foreground to complement the heavens. In some images the foreground element carries the day. In others it’s all about the sky. Since it’s New Mexico there are epic clouds most days. But Friday’s sky began as blah and ended stormy. Monsoon Season is upon us. It's the answer to many a prayer and rain dance. Wildfires have devastated New Mexico over the last month and we hope the steady rain will help our heroic firefighters tame the flames and smoky skies that have hung over Taos since the first of June. 

Dos Caballos Uno

Dos Caballos Dos

I headed north from Taos to the picture postcard village of Arroyo Seco where I always find something worth capturing. I drove through charming Seco, passed Santísima Trinidad church and turned right toward Taos Ski Valley on State Road 150. At 11 o’clock was a classic western scene with a corral, horses, stacked hay bales and horse trailers. I parked at the Post Office across the street and walked toward the corral to photograph these handsome specimens.

Valdez Morada

Next, I drove along the rim and dropped down the steep hill into Valdez, a rural settlement in a verdant valley with a notable morada, a lay chapel built by Los Hermanos de Penitente. The Brothers of Penance practice a harsh faith that includes self-flagellation among its practices. The little morada, in contrast, was glowing and serene.

Brewed with Rocky Mountain Spring Water

And finally, there's a bar in Valdez, one I've been afraid to enter. Luckily for me the joint was closed.


Blacks Crossing said...

Classic Immel photography here! The Valdez Morada certainly reflected your plan for catching beautiful sky action, but you also caught a great dance between the two horses in Dos Caballos Dos. Brewed with Rocky Mountain Spring Water is selective coloring to perfection. Thanks for the slice of the great America West in this morning's blog!

Anonymous said...

Mountain View Bar in Valdez is as homey, family oriented and wonderful as you could possibly hope for Steve. Do stop in on a weekend day and enjoy!

Steve Immel said...

Thanks anonymous. I couldn’t tell if the Mountain View was closed permanently or for the day. I’ve driven by it on photo jaunts on numerous occasions. Next time I’ll stop for a cold one. Are you the proprietor or do you live in Valdez? Also, how did you see this post? I’d love to know since I’m trying to get new subscribers. Thanks.