Thursday, June 09, 2022

Testing Testing Testing

Test Dummy

After a slew of sleepless nights and a chat from 1:37 am to 2:45am Wednesday night with my new best friend Efe in Turkey the kinks in my new email feed may have been ironed out. Of course, I’ve thought that before, like on Tuesday, when the whole enterprise went sideways. Efe and I agreed that the best way to prove we’ve righted the ship is to publish a new blog post as a test of our, mostly his, wizardry. To say my fingers are crossed doesn’t come close to describing my pins and needles. This is that test and I am the test dummy. BP 127/67, Pulse 47, O2 97, Temp 97.6. Not too shabby for an octogenarian.

This post serves to prove that:

1.      It will arrive in a clean white field from Steve Immel Photography.

2.    The title and the entire content of the post will reside within the email. You needn’t click on title to go to the actual blog. Though I wish you would since it’s a much better visual experience.

3.    There will be no advertising or commercial content and, especially, no Turkish text up top.

4.    You will receive the email as described at or about 7:00am Mountain Time on Friday June 10, that is 6am Pacific, 8am Central and 9am Eastern and so forth.

It’s that simple or difficult depending on your vantage point. Right now these simple goals are feeling mighty lofty.

I’ll leave you with these questions.

Do you prefer the whole post be included in the email, so you don’t have to go to the blog?

Would you like to receive the title and a snippet of the text, say 150 characters, and you decide if you want to click on the title to see the whole post?

Or how about the minimalist approach of title only and you’d always have click through to see the actual post.

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