Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Transition Blues

We are not amused

The transition from Feedburner to follow.it as my blog’s email feed has been painful. I apologize for the late posts, ugly emails, and languages you don’t understand. At this anxious moment I think that I, with the steadfast guidance of Efe at follow.it, have remedied our problems. Think, I must emphasize, is well shy of believe. Please hang in there with me as I sort it out. Thank you.

In the interest of proving that all is right and ready, I’m publishing this short, contrite post that, if our adjustments work, will arrive on time from Steve Immel Photography without ads for Dr. Phil and fungus ointments.

Should that prove to be the case you’ll  be able to read the whole blog in the email you receive or can click on the title, in this case Transition Blues, to see a more polished version of the post. That’s how it’s been with Feedburner the last sixteen years. An alternative I’ve seriously considered is for the email to include the title and a snippet of the post, say the first 50 words, and you would click on the title to read the blog. What do you think about that permutation?

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