Sunday, October 22, 2023

A Little Italian

My new best friend, Stefano, whom we met late on our first night.

Canal life.

Family unit, Venice style.

Working class.

The lagoon at sunset.

It’s 9pm in Bologna and I’m pondering my blog for the first time in a week. In most cases the subject and images have percolated for several days and by this time Sunday night I’ve done twenty or more edits. To say that I’m not focused on this entry puts it mildly. I don’t know whether it’s too many stimuli, being bone tired, no free time or the world’s worst cold, but my mind is an empty vessel. So, here are some random shots with little descriptive text. And to add insult to injury last week’s images included a couple of color ones which were rendered in black and white by for reasons that escape me.

All of these are color photographs befitting Venice and its Crayola hues. If they don’t appear in color squint your eyes and pretend.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Good morning from Nuevo Mexico! Italy is suiting you well, as demonstrated by your photographs. Your NBF Stefano looks like quite a character, obviously a kindred spirit. The Canal Life is wonderful as is the Crayola palette. Thank you for putting together your blog from afar, amidst so much stimulation and new experiences, and that you get to bask in the light of all that Italy has to offer!