Sunday, October 15, 2023

Lost in the Crowd

My queen on her throne at the Guggenheim Collection.

Venice is the most visually arresting city I’ve ever seen.  Peggy’s been touting the place for thirty years and I can see why. That’s why we picked the city of 118 islands as the perfect location for her rather large birthday. She’s still two years younger and refuses to catch up.

The Grand Canal.

The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Pilings and dock

Giovanni, the gallery dog

Nighttime on a canal with no name

As to Venice, it has no bad angles and just every shot is recognizable as, well, Venice. And there’s the rub. I despair that I'll muster a photograph that’s more than a picture post card. The unrelenting tourist hordes will drive (or have already driven) a marginally sane old man crazy. All that you’ve read about Venice being visited to death understates the situation. I hate crowds. Then there’s the blight of retail stores ranging from Made in China to Hermes and Bulgari. To get where you want to go takes you through a never-ending gauntlet of merchants grabbing for your wallet. It’s aversion therapy for the addicted shopper.

Still, I’m in this beautiful place with the love of my life. And we’ll always have Venice.


Blacks Crossing said...

The minute I opened your blog, my feeling was "Steve has made it to his photographic destination." You have been wanting something like this in your heart for years, and it is wonderful you have reached it. The photograph of Peggy is great! I love the photographs of the Basilica and nighttime on the canal. I seriously doubt you will lack good photographs from your time on the canals, so this loyal follower looks forward to you next and all subsequent postings! Grazie!

Terry T. said...

Well done Steve. Yes, Venice is Photography heaven I think. Despite the hoards of tourists, I know you are having a great time. And happy birthday to Peggy. Don't forget a bit of color now and then, those canals are full of magic. TT