Sunday, October 01, 2023


Another lousy sunset in paradise.

Today I lead with one last image of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim at dusk. After a week I’d had enough of the gaping hole and escaped to the Verde Valley which, I was told, had grown into a wine producing mecca. Where there’s wine making, I suggest, there’s bound to be a food scene. The promise of good food and substantial portions at fair prices when compared to the Grand Canyon drew me to the recently designated Verde Valley AVA or American Viticultural Area. I’d also heard whispers about a heady stew of restaurants in downtown Cottonwood, the area’s biggest town. And I’d have Clarkdale, the Verde Valley Railroad and Jerome for a much-needed non-Canyon energy boost.

Locomotive 2321

Truck, Verde Valley Railroad, 2006.

Train and tracks.

Chain link, Clarkdale, AZ.

Industrial chic, Clarkdale.

A shell of its former self, Jerome, AZ.

What we have here is a splatter of photographs that barely relate. The “truck” of a long gone locomotive was taken 17 years earlier almost to the day. Back then I was producing completely black and white images, no toning. I like this truly black and white presentation very much and it may be time to reevaluate my approach. Then again folks seem to favor warm tones and sales increased substantially when I made the switch a dozen years ago. Sadly, the vintage locomotives, passenger cars and cabooses that made the Verde Valley Railroad such a draw have vanished from the industrial barrens south of downtown Clarkdale.

Still, I got the hell away from the Grand Canyon and enjoyed a killer Caprese salad and woodfired artichokes at the outstanding Bocce in Cottonwood. I recall that a hazy IPA was part of the ensemble. I know this. The three blocks of eateries, brew pubs, bars and tasting rooms in Cottonwood require further examination. And I'm just the man for the job.


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Blacks Crossing said...

You nailed the railway photos, but "Industrial chic" in Clarkdale might even fall into the architectural category of "brutalism". A very interesting collection of the "unrelated". Funny how frequently our minds are working in similar ways. Yes, indeed, you are exactly the person for the appointed job of discovering the inner foodies of Cottonwood, Arizona, and I look forward to seeing both your photographic and literary descriptions of your findings!