Sunday, September 04, 2011

The First Supper

 Night one in France didn’t inspire confidence to say the least.  11 pm, two hours late and one thin wafer from divorce we blew into Baudinard edgy and hungry.  Happily the gracious Josiane Luthy pulled our sorry buns out of our funk with a plate of local figs and melon with the admittedly Italian ham otherwise known as Prosciutto.  A nice young Cotes du Rhone rouge.  Food and wine therapy anyone?

Picturesque and idyllic Baudinard sur Verdon sits on a hill just above Chez Josiane.  Baudinard is a lovely but fading village of a 150; an idyl too distant from schools and jobs. 

Set on what was once a shepherd’s property our home away from home was hand built by Josiane and her husband as a getaway from their business in Marseilles and has become her year round dwelling. 


Daryl A. Black said...

Sometimes in life, all it takes is prosciutto, melon, figs, and vin rouge to tame the beast. A toast to your first supper, and more delights on your journey! It will be one heck of photo shoot!

Thea said...

Smashing!! Looks like the divorce will be postponed...such a romantic place.