Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reach for the Red Bull

Not Amos Abeyta
In late February the sheep are shorn. It’s a communal effort where friends and neighbors gather to help out. For friends of young Amos Abeyta, the great grandson and namesake of the Amos Abeyta who started the whole shebang back in the twenties, there’s actual work to be done, work fueled by copious quantities of Red Bull, Bud Lite and eclairs.  For older volunteers there’s a lot more kibitzing than work.

The sheep come in the front door all insulated and round and exit the side door ten pounds lighter. That’s the weight of a typical fleece. Last year all survived the trauma of losing their wool but dozens were lost to the cold. This year one didn't make it, the apparent victim of a heart attack. It was a back to earth moment that underscored the uncertainty of life wrested from the land.

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Blacks Crossing said...

Great photographs, Steve, of the sheep shearing, particularly the third and fifth shots, which demonstrate the stark reality of the process. At times, the sheep seem complement and others, totally unhappy with the process. But in the long run, they probably feel better without all that weight.

So glad to see more of the book in prices......