Saturday, December 22, 2012

Feel the love

My friend and erstwhile traveling companion John Farnsworth passed on the query, “Can portraits still be original?”  I imagine the question was asked in light of the gazillion portraits that have been taken, drawn and painted over the centuries.  My answer was “yes.”  If a photograph, for example, captures something indelible about the person, a state of mind or a distinct personality, it is original.  And since no moment in time can be replicated absolutely it is an original by definition. 

With my response to the question I attached a photograph made last week of my niece Hannah and her boyfriend Chris.  I submit that the image is sweet as Hannah herself, and as original.


Daryl A. Black said...

No two portraits are ever alike. Different people, different places, times of day, light, weather. Ideas might be close but that is the wonderful thing about photography. It captures very specific things.

Your portrait, "Feeling the love" portrays a moment, place, and feeling. It is truly beautiful and touching.

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