Sunday, December 09, 2012

Take the long way home

As I wound my way home crossing the Navajo Nation near Tuba City I missed my turn to Ganado and found myself once again on familiar turf; an honored theme throughout this adventure.  It’s as if my co-pilot, literally a Pilot, was going to take me through Cow Springs and on to Kayenta whether I wanted to or not.  The long cut probably cost me two hours but what the heck, it’s only time. 

Since I hit the road in Havasu muy late, the sun falling behind me created a heavenly glow on the homesteads and tiny settlements dotting highway 160 toward the Four Corners.  The Navajo reservation is a vast place made even vaster by enormous sweeps of desert scrub punctuated by the occasional hillock or mesa.   It’s an empty beauty of which I never tire.


Daryl A. Black said...

Skyscapes dotted with remnants of man and nature on the land below as only you can do them, Steve! Congratulations on an amazing photographic journey!

Steve Immel said...

It was a blast, Daryl, and shows that I need to do it more. Best to you and Fred.