Sunday, December 16, 2012

Please help. I'm falling.

The moment I got a glimmer of the Grand Canyon’s epic South Rim I descended into an abyss of corny snapshots and Kodachrome post cards.  The Grand has that effect.  I skirted the rusty maze for a dozen miles or so, pulling into every scenic vista for a hackneyed memento of the canyon’s grandeur.  Transcendence escaped me that’s for sure.

Still to paraphrase an old bromide, a bad day at the Grand Canyon is better than a good day at the office. 
I hadn’t been there for thirty years or so and still have a straw cowboy hat I bought in Flagstaff on the trip with the kids.  I’m a guy with lots of hats that are scarcely ever worn.  But then I’m also “all hat and no cattle” to use western lingo to describe a dude, a pretender and a tenderfoot.   Every boy, it seems to me, wants to be a cowboy and that’s been true of me since mom bought me my first boots in Tucson back in 1951.  The smell of leather still transports me to the Santa Rita Hotel, Porter’s Western Wear and the Rocky Mountain Oyster Club.  Rocky Mountain Oysters are, shall we say, byproducts of the round up. 
With that stream of consciousness I've wandered past my Grand Canyon moment.  Novelists often describe how the book wrote itself.  I think I just experienced that on a pedestrian level.



Jim Rogers Photography said...

Well, if you are gonna "fall into a Kodachrome postcard" mode as you so aptly put it, what better place to do so than at this national treasure? Blue skies, highlighted by fluffy clouds even adds to the splendor of your "Kodak moment". Your photographs have made me want to pack it up and head west-Nikon in hand-- to capture "the canyon".

Steve Immel said...

Thanks Jim. I want to go back soon. S

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