Saturday, December 08, 2012

Most Happy Fella

John reconnected with the lovely Betsy Tuesday.  It was a heartwarming scene as the big galoot embraced his sweetheart after lo these many months.  When we arrived Betsy was smiling through a long charge from her perch above the Victorville valley floor.  The sun shone, birds sang and all was right in the world.

The mechanic, the erudite Austin Stockdale, told John that his 1986 Vanagon would take him anywhere his heart desired but that an oil change wouldn’t hurt.  That’s when John’s eyes glazed over.  Oil changes and John Farnsworth are words not uttered in the same sentence.  John said he might top her off instead.  There’s no arguing with that, ahem, judgment.  But I digress.
It seems to me that Farnsworth was mighty lucky to have found Austin.  The guy diagnosed the problem, a cracked distributor cap, replaced it and housed the wayward bus for six months or so for pocket change.  Merry Christmas and a hearty ho ho ho to you, sirs.

The pics included capture the magic moment for all to share.  Happy trails John Farnsworth.  Write when you learn how.