Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rose is Rose

Cote du Provence is Rose Land hence our blush.  The pink potion is the coin of the realm in Provence from Marseilles east and north to the Alpes Haute Provence.  On our first grocery shopping excursion to Aups a day or two into our stay I was blown away by the array of Roses in our nearest Super Marche.  In Taos we count the Roses on one hand.  Here we’ve had a Rose every night since we arrived.  Chateau de Callubrier a Cotes du Provence from La Londe at 9 E is been our favorite so far but the sprightly and precocious little Traicoulet, a non-vintage Vin du Pay for 1.83 E is right up there.  

Roses are highly regarded in France and reach their zenith in the Var and the Bouche du Rhone. Aix en Provence, Bandol and Cotes du Provence all produce outstanding Roses.  The 100% Mourvedre Bandol is the most highly regarded Rose in the world.

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